Is this a drop off program?

No. Members are required to be accompanied by a care giver.

Do you have to enroll in a class to visit the Wave?

No. We always have open gym opportunities unless the schedule indicates differently.

Do you offer ABA programming?

No, we do not at this time. Although, we welcome any member to come with their therapists for their visit.

What is the age range of members?

All ages including adults

Does health insurance cover membership fees?

Some policies provide fitness and wellness reimbursement benefits.  Contact your insurance provider for more information.  Guests may also have a benefit through their disability funding. We recommend reaching out to your case manager to discuss reimbursement.

Can a member come with a caregiver?

Yes. We welcome therapists, mentors, personal care attendants as well as family members. Each guest needs to have a waiver completed for themselves.


Is a diagnosis of Autism required to join?

No. We welcome people with all developmental disabilities.